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LX cab for the TGS

MAN TGS – the power pack

Robust, reliable, strong pulling power. As an all-rounder in heavy-duty and building site traffic, the MAN TGS impresses through its enormous power with a high payload and outstanding economy. With its various drive formulas, the 18 to 44 tonner masters every challenge. The TGS is the prototype truck for all-wheel drive competence. Whether it's with selectable, permanent all-wheel drive or the weight-saving MAN HydroDrive® – the MAN TGS is in the top class throughout the world when working off-road and in heavy-duty construction and public service applications.

The MAN TGS can transport even the heaviest loads to their destination safely and on time – whether it has to travel along asphalt roads or unsurfaced gravel tracks. Its high-torque Common Rail engines provide the necessary dynamics. The MAN TipMatic® automatic gear shift system takes the pressure off the driver. Thanks to its impressive wheel, engine and gearbox combinations right up to 8x8 all-wheel-drive trucks, it can get just about anywhere. Discover the new MAN TGS, which can perform virtually any task, only more economically and far more efficiently.

With its unrivalled, versatile wheel and drive formulae, the MAN TGS delivers the load to its destination safely and on time, even if the destination is off the beaten track or can only be accessed via a gravel track. Even on muddy forest and field tracks, hills and slippery roads, the MAN TGS has sufficient traction. Equipped with the intelligent MAN HydroDrive® technology and selectable front-wheel drive, it can cope with any challenging road situation with the greatest of ease.

Whether configured as a two-, three- or four-axle vehicle, the MAN TGS is perfectly suited to all tasks and requirements involved in building site traffic. With the different wheelbases and numerous configuration options for the various fifth-wheel heights, it can be adapted to suit your individual needs. Thanks to the hole pattern, extensions and conversions can also be carried out quickly and economically, without having to drill additional holes.

The even top edge of the frame allows all types of superstructures to be mounted onto the MAN TGS quickly, easily and economically. The hole pattern makes it easy to implement extensions or conversions at a later date. The frame clearance behind the cab can also be used for additional add-on components, such as a crane superstructure. The frame is perfectly suited to accommodating add-on components, which means that even the most specialist requirements can be met.

No other truck is as versatile as the MAN TGS. Its powerful drive, unrivalled payload and unique ergonomics set new standards in heavy-duty transport. The permanent all-wheel drive or selectable front-wheel drive with MAN HydroDrive® technology provide the necessary traction on the building site. With high-torque engines and the semi-automatic MAN TipMatic® gearbox with on-road and off-road gears, the TGS follows a steady course. Even on unsurfaced forest and field tracks, hills and slippery roads, nothing can get in its way.


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