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MAN Truck & Bus

MAN presented its new commercial vehicles and engines during the reporting. Year in 2016, including its first ever van, the MAN TGE. MAN’s new future program, launched in 2015, is making a substantial contribution to the brand’s success.


MAN Truck & Bus is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of commercial vehicles and has production facilities in three European countries, Russia, South Africa, India, and Turkey. Its products range from general-purpose trucks with a gross vehicle weight of 7.5 to 44 t and special-purpose vehicles with a gross train weight of up to 250 t through buses and coaches to diesel and gas engines for external customer applications. In the future, MAN customers will receive sales and service support for everything from vans to heavy trucks from a single source.

Range of products and services

From 2017 onwards, MAN Truck & Bus will expand the product portfolio to include large vans from 3.0 through 5.5 t, making it a full-range supplier of commercial vehicles. The new MAN van, which has been given the model name MAN TGE, was developed in cooperation with Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles and will be produced together with the identical Volkswagen Crafter at the new Volkswagen plant in Wrzesnia, Poland. To complement the entire expanded commercial vehicles portfolio, MAN Truck & Bus offers its customers an extensive range of services from a single source.


Economic environment

The European truck market again developed positively in 2016 following significant growth in the previous year. Demand continued to be driven by low interest rates, the low oil price, and a euro exchange rate conducive to foreign trade. The European market volume in the segment for trucks over 6 t was again up significantly on the prior-year level, at approximately 351,000 units (previous year: 316,000 units). In contrast, the market declined in a number of regions outside of Europe that are important to MAN, such as Turkey and Saudi Arabia. Competitive pressure was high in all markets. MAN Truck & Bus recorded an 8% increase in new registrations to approximately 56,000 units in the European market for trucks over 6 t, giving the company a market share of 15.9% (previous year: 16.3%).

The European bus market grew slightly in 2016 to approximately 29,000 units (previous year: 28,100 units). The volume markets Germany and Spain continued to expand in the year under review, while demand eased in France and the UK. After an extremely weak prior year, Norway and the Netherlands saw strong growth in new registrations. MAN Truck & Bus recorded a 1.5% increase in new registrations to 3,555 units in the European market for buses over 8 t. The company’s market share in 2016 was almost unchanged at 12.2% (previous year: 12.5%).

Business developments

The Trucks business generated an order intake of €8.8 billion (previous year: €8.6 billion). This was mainly driven by the year-on-year rise in order intake in Europe, particularly in Germany. In comparison, as expected, the UK, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey in particular saw declines in order intake compared with the prior year. Measured in terms of units, orders rose by 1% over the previous year to a total of 79,757 trucks (previous year: 78,713).

Sales revenue in the Trucks business rose by 3% to €7.8 billion. At 77,073 trucks, unit sales were up significantly on the prior-year level (73,117), mainly as a result of higher unit sales in Poland and Italy. In contrast, countries such as Saudi Arabia and Turkey saw a downward trend in unit sales.

Order intake in the Bus business was up 9% on the prior-year figure, at €1.6 billion. Year-on-year, higher order intake in Tunisia, Morocco, and Georgia, among other countries, compensated for lower order intake in Israel and Mexico. Orders rose by 10% to 6,211 buses (previous year: 5,649).

The Bus business generated sales revenue of €1.5 billion, on a level with the previous year. It sold 6,126 buses (previous year: 6,105) with positive unit sales growth in Mexico and Spain, among other countries.

Research and development

The megatrends have a direct influence on future developments in freight transport and the commercial vehicle industry — and hence on the Commercial Vehicles business area as well. The consequences include the need to reduce fuel consumption as a result of stricter emission laws, rising energy prices, growth in road transportation, targeted relief for traffic-sensitive areas such as city centers, and increasing safety requirements for road users. Our customers also aim to continuously increase their cost-effectiveness and reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO).

In addition to continually enhancing and developing its range of products, MAN’s research and development activities therefore focus on reducing fuel consumption, cutting emissions, alternative drives and alternative fuels, and improving active and passive safety. MAN is also actively addressing the challenges posed by the digital transformation and initiated the digital brand RIO — an open, cloudbased platform for the entire transportation industry — in fiscal 2016.